Monday, January 21, 2008

I get Misty and to much in love...

It's only a rub on cuz my mom won't let me get a real tattoo...
I rote this fur my beyootiful gerlfrend Misty. I don't amember da egzakt date but one year ago I took a shot of toona joose, screwed up my courage and asked her to Beau Beau and Angies Valentine's party...and she sed yes! So here is my amaj, er homog, er, poem thingy to Misty...
M - is for many ways yoo make me smile
I - is for yoor intelegents
S - is for yoor soft, silky furs
T - is for yoor thawtfulness, like when yoo helped Tipper when she losted some whiskers
Y - is for the years I hope to spend with yoo, lots and lots of dem!
I learned from my sisfurs dat yoor feelings should not be locked up and only let out on speshul okashuns, dat effury day should be like Valentine's Day and if yoo love somecat, or bean, yoo should say so. So right now go say "I love you" to someone speshul.
Speedy -


Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

That is a nice tattoo and poem for your special Lady Cat!

The Crew said...

Thank you, Speedy dear. Mom and I teared up when we read your touching poem & tribute to me. You are my perfect Mancat and you look fantastic with that tattoo!

Love always