Sunday, February 17, 2008


I apologize for the delay in gettin' this up, onto the winners!

Best Bean Valentine:
To My Dad, Love Eric!
Best Valentine to a Kitty:
Karl and Eric actually tied, Concats to you both!

Best Secret Admirer:



Best Other:

I Love Bananers, by Pixie!

If you're one of the winning cats, please send an email to me at so can get your address and get your prize to you. This was a lot of fun, an' I hope you had a good time too-look for the 2nd Annual Do The Q! contest this summer!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Time To Vote!

Allrighty! Since MomBean was too busy to leave the computer on working on other things, I've decided to leave the voting open until Feb. 13th.

Best Valentine for a Bean
Best Valentine for a Kitty
Best Secret Admirer
Best Other

To vote, send me an email at with your picks, and MomBean and I will tally them up and post them on the 14th.

If she isn't going weird over chocolate or anything...

I think there's only one Secret Admirer at the moment, but I could be wrong. Get those votes in today!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

MontyQ Mod Approved

MontyQ Mod approved!

Jack loves KC

The OTW has been writing papers and not providing laps again! She just found out about the contest tonight and sat down right away to help us with our valentine's but she's kind of slow so it's late. Can we still play?

Happy Valentine's to KC, the prettiest, smartest, bestest, most wonderful girlfriendcat in not just the world, but the whole Universe!


Persephone Loves Batman

My Mommy is really really really sorry this is late! She was writing a paper for the last SQUILLION days and she just finished today and just found out about the contest when she FINALLY let us check the blogs! I hope I can still play! And if not, at least I got my Valentine for Batman done finally!

Happy Valentine's Batman! You're the bestest boyfriendcat in the world!!!


Monday, February 4, 2008

Batman Loves Persephone

I love Persephone. She is the sweetest most special girlfriendcat I could ever ask for. Her birthday is on Valentine's Day which makes her extra special.

Batman XOXO

Castor Loves Sophie!

To Sophie (

From Castor (

Othello luvs Gree

Othello luvs Gree

Oh my Darling Gree,

you mean the world to me.
my little heart starts bouncing
when I see your lovely face.

When we share chick-hen and
snuggle on our Gizzy
the whole world seems to stand still.

Will you be my LadyCat furrever?

In deepest love,
your handsum mancat Othello


from Othello to Gree

To the Beautiful Queen Snickers - From Jake

To: Queen Snickers

From: Jake

Chase Loves his Charmers

How lucky can one cat be?? I have so many Charmer's I've lost count! I do know that I have to be the luckiest Man Cat in the whole blogoshpere!

Charm me tender,
Charm me sweet,
Never let me go.
You have made my life complete,
And I love you so.

Charm me tender,
Charm me true,
All my dreams fulfilled.
For my darlin's I love you,
And I always will.

Charm me tender,
Charm me long,
Take me to your hearts.
For its there that I belong,
And well never part.

Charm me tender,
Charm me dear,
Tell me you are mine.
Ill be yours through all the years,
Till the end of time.


To my Many Charmers some of who include:
the Empress

(Some charmers also have boyfriend cats so I don't want to step on any paws!)

For Sweet Tazo - From Bert

To: Tazo

From: Bert

To My Darling Dante - From Pearl

To: Dante

From: Pearl

To Maximillian - Love Kellie

For Mum, From Flynn

To My Dad

Gree Luvs Othello

Happy Valentine's my Handsum Mancat!
Your Gree

Gree of HotMBC (

I luv you Dr Tweety

You're the purrfect Valentine for me Dr. Tweety! You're strong and handsum and have purrty eyes and handsum foofy furs and even know how to cook. You even like that I eat a lot! ::blushes:: You're purrfect. Happy Valentine's Dr Tweety.
your Mini

Mini of HotMBC (

Kaze's Secret Admirer

Kaze, I know you have a boyfriend cat in Mao, and I'm not trying to intrude. But, I wanted to send you a valentine, since you are my idol! You are not only beautiful, but you are a role model to me! So Happy Valentine's Day my friend!

From, A Secret Admirer

Dragonheart Loves His Dad!

Dragonheart's Valentine for his Dad
Dragonheart from Chat Aux Sphynx

Merlin Loves His Dad!

Merlin's Valentine for his Dad
Merlin from Chat aux Sphynx

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Daddy is my homeboy

How do I love my Daddy??? Let me count the ways...
1. I love it in the morning when I sit on Daddy's lap and give him lovey eyes and tell him how much I love him.
2. I love it in the evening when Daddy comes home from work and I come downstairs from wherever I've been sleeping and Daddy lays on the ground and plays with me.
3. I love it in the nighttime when Daddy gives my kisses and pets and love even when he's trying to play his Xbox 360.
4. I love it before bed when Daddy's knees make the perfect sleeping nest for me.
5. I love it in the afternoon when Daddy lets me lick his hair or his head.
6. I love it on the weekends when Daddy is home and plays with me and picks me up and spins me around and kisses me.

I love my Daddy so much. If it weren't for Daddy I might still be in the animal shelter instead of my Forever Home. There are so many reasons why I love my Daddy but most of all the reason I love my Daddy is because of how much he loves me!!!

Happy Valentines Day, Daddy!!!
Love and Kisses,
Your Furry Tiger Son Ollie

to my wonderful wife Muffin

I have been very lucky i have been married to the most incudlely boofuly sweet and loveing cat in the whole world for over 8 years She is my everything she is the frist thing i think of in the morning and the last thing i think about when i sleep. I love her more than anyfing in the whole world I be lost wiff out my Muffin.

mu shue vaintine to his wife muffin
Myspace Glitter Graphics

For My Wife Muffin I love You


Did You rise the sun for me
Or paint a million stars
That I might know Your majesty
Is You rmewo upon the wind
Is everything I've know
Marked with my Maker's your pawprints
Breathe on me

Let me see
Your wiskeres
Ever I will seek You'Cause all
You are is all I want, alway
Draw me close in
Your paw Oh God,
I wanna be with
YouCan I feel
You in my paws
I would Abandon all I am
To have you capture me again
Let the earth resound with praise
Can You hear as all creation lives
To glorify one Name
Breathe on meLet me see Your wiskers
Ever Iwill seek You'
Cause all I wa You are is all I want, always
Draw me close in to Your paws
Oh God, I wanna be with you
I wanna be with You
I wanna be with You
I wanna be with You
How can I stand here with
You And not be moved by You
Would You tell me how could it be
Any better than this‘Cause
You’re all I want
You’re all I need Everything
Your my evervthing Muffin

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Pretty Powder Valentine

Pretty Powder, my furriend, my sweetie, yur as pretty as a posey, my pretty Powder. Will you be my Valentine?
Beau Beau

Lilly Lu vaintine For Rocky

I call this song you got a best freind It to be sung to you got a Freind by Jame Taylor

When you're down and troubled
And you need a helping paw
And nothing, nothing is going right
Close your eyes and think of me
And soon I will be there to chat wiff you
To brighten up even your darkest nights.
You just call out Lilly Lu
And you know whenever I am online
I come running to chat wiff you.

Winter spring supper or fall
All you have to do is instant message
And I'll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah
You got a best friend, Rocky.

If your employees should turn against you
And you run out of catnip
Keep your head together and call out Lilly Lu
And soon I will be IMing you.

Rocky just call out my name and you know where ever I am
I'll come running to chat wiff you again
Winter, spring, summer or fall
All you got to do is IM.

Hey, ain't it good to know that you've got a best friend?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Mrs. Oz Loves The Maid

The maid always lets me sit on her.
She plays the whirly bird with me whenever I ask her to.
She always talks to me nicely.
She calls me "Sweetie".
She walks with me - as I am afraid to go out by myself.
She lets me sleep under her blanket at night.
She feeds me stinky goodness when Emil is not around.
She always pets me when I go to her.
She never gets annoyed with me even when I do annoy her.
I, Mrs. OZ. love the maid.

Mrs. OZ, The Cat Realm

Happy Valentine's Day to Stella

My girlfriend Stella is the most beautiful Meezer ever! She is also a wonderful, loving mom who took excellent care of her adorable Meezer babies. I am very lucky to have such a beautiful lady as my girlfriend. Happy Valentine's Day my love!

Forever Yours,


Dragonheart from Chat Aux Sphynx:

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Dear Valentine Jake

the dream

Queen Snickers dreams sweet
disguised prince Jake ever she meets
Orchids fall perfume the air

Queen Snickers & Jake

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To Karl from Ruis


Ruis from Kattenpraat's Catwalk
(Please, don't vote for me, but for my beloved fiancé Karl)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ghost - The Love of My Life


There is a gentle lady cat named Ghost
Whom I love much more than most
She's sweeter than spice
And so loving and nice
I will love her the rest of my life.


Ghost is so beautiful, pretty and white.
I could look at her all day and all night.
She is as pure as her fur,
And has a soft, loving purrr,
Being with her, it does me excite!

Beau -

(Thanks to the blogger who did the graphic for me.)

Monday, January 21, 2008

I get Misty and to much in love...

It's only a rub on cuz my mom won't let me get a real tattoo...
I rote this fur my beyootiful gerlfrend Misty. I don't amember da egzakt date but one year ago I took a shot of toona joose, screwed up my courage and asked her to Beau Beau and Angies Valentine's party...and she sed yes! So here is my amaj, er homog, er, poem thingy to Misty...
M - is for many ways yoo make me smile
I - is for yoor intelegents
S - is for yoor soft, silky furs
T - is for yoor thawtfulness, like when yoo helped Tipper when she losted some whiskers
Y - is for the years I hope to spend with yoo, lots and lots of dem!
I learned from my sisfurs dat yoor feelings should not be locked up and only let out on speshul okashuns, dat effury day should be like Valentine's Day and if yoo love somecat, or bean, yoo should say so. So right now go say "I love you" to someone speshul.
Speedy -

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Who do I love? Ten Guesses...

Siamese Cat

Some might say I am self obsessed. They are wrong. My honesty is refreshing and I have no hesitation in confirming that I LOVE MYSELF MORE THAN ANY OTHER.

Wouldn't you? I mean, really? Spend a day in my paws and you will see how easy it is to love me.

Ta ta for now

HRH Yao-Lin

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Loving the Zoolatry Human

I love Mom (the Zoolatry Human) ... Mom loves me. That's the way it will always be.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Valentine to Bananers

I loves the bananers a lot. So, here is my Valentine poem to bananers:

Ode to a Bananer
Bananer, I am sweet on you
because of all the things you do.
You are a pretty color yellow,
and you are good for a gal or a fellow.
Bananer, you are a funny fruit,
you wear a yellow peel for a suit.
You make my heart feel better too,
that's why I made this poem for you.
And so to you, Bananer, I say:
have a very happy Valentine's Day!

by Pixie (

Friday, January 11, 2008

My Heart Belongs To Daddy

This is my bestest valentine for my daddy -- he luvs me, and I luv him. He writes all about me at Cat In The Bag... and he is the best daddy in the whole wide world.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Contest is Open!

Welcome to the first annual ‘Who Do You Love?’ contest! The idea is a simple one, we’ve all got somebody (or somethin’) special that we care about, and here’s your chance to tell the world! And it’s also a chance for any shy kitties out there to send their beloved a Secret Admirer message too!


  • Best Valentine for a Bean
  • Best Valentine for a Kitty
  • Best Secret Admirer
  • Best Other


  • There aren't too many!
  • The contest is open to all kitties who blog.
  • (Well, really we'll allow some other bloggin' animals, ‘cause Millie would whap me if I didn’t let her cousins in.)
  • To quote Skeezix: "It's my contest, so I can change the rules anytime I want."
  • Please submit all pictures by February 4th!!!

How To Enter:

  • Create a Valentine for the one you love, whether it be kitty, bean or other and post it here on the site.
  • If you need help postin' pictures please let me know on my blog over here.
  • Please post your name and blog address with your picture at the end of the submission-example:
    Millie (
    Marie (
  • If you’re sending a Secret Admirer message you don’t have to sign your name at the end of it, but please email me so I know who it’s from. (And I won’t tell a soul!)


  • From February 5th-12th the polls will be open for evfurryone to vote.
  • No box stuffin, please!
  • The votes will be tallied and the winners will be announced on February 14th.


  • Best Bean Valentine wins a Chocolate Prize Pack
  • Best Kitty wins a Temtashun Prize Pack with a kitty tunnel
  • Best Secret Admirer will get a prize based on who it’s for.
  • We’re still workin’ on Best Other at the moment!
  • If there is something that your Valentine really likes let us know!

Oh, and if there's any issues with this template let me know and I'll change it!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Who Loves You, Kitty?

Just workin' on something at the moment, it should be ready for this weekend!